Time Turner Travels: Alabama Waterfall Hunting

Greetings!  I couldn’t wait to dig up these old pictures for a new segment of the blog that I like to call Time Turner Travels.     These will be segments highlighting adventures and outings from years past.    This excursion took place around 2004 or 2005.    My college roommate and I decided we wanted to go waterfall hunting.   We had no experience with hiking and very limited funds.    I really don’t remember how we hatched this brilliant plan.  However this turned out to be one of the best weekends ever and it was the beginning of my love affair with nature and being outdoors.

We visited Little River Canyon Falls and DeSoto Falls in Northern Alabama.    We actually swam across the pool and went into the ledges behind the cascades of Little River.  It was a drier time of year so the water flow wasn’t as strong.    It was truly amazing and I’ve been in love with waterfalls ever since.     The DeSoto hike I do remember vividly because I got overheated and almost passed out.  We were also racing against time because a storm was rolling in and we were terrified of being stranded on the mountain in a lightening storm.   It was totally worth it!

Our trip ended in Atlanta to hang out with friends and when we told them about our hiking trip I will never forget their replies, “Black people don’t hike or swim in waterfalls, y’all are crazy!”   Of course considering how many crazy adventurous things I’ve done since then that statement really makes me laugh now.    Black people do enjoy the outdoors and black women can be just as adventurous.    This was part of my inspiration for starting my blog.   I want to dispel those  stereotypes in the travel and adventure industries and I want to influence and encourage other Divas, especially Divas of color, to stop being afraid of the world we live in.   It’s ok to try new places and take advantage of all of the beauty around us.

*Please excuse the quality.  These pics had to be scanned into the computer in order to use them on the site.

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    November 7, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Go you for trying to change people’s perception about getting out there and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer, regardless of race. Great post!!

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