Adventures with the Superbowl Streaker: Beyond the Mankini with Yuri Andrade

Outdoorsy Diva Podcast Episode 44

superbowl streaker

I know, I know you read this title and you are like wait what!? Yes, Yuri Andrade, the guy who sprinted across the field in a mankini in Superbowl LV in Tampa in 2021, came on my show to chat with me.

Why is the Outdoorsy Diva interviewing the Superbowl Streaker and what does this have to do with travel and the outdoors? I’m so glad you asked.

Well, a lot actually! A friend of mine pointed out his Instagram account and was like hey check him out. The Rock shotted him out on his IG page. I think you should interview him.

So when I looked him up, I saw that in addition to lots of posts of Yuri in that now famous horrible, but funny, hot pink mankini, Yuri loves to travel and he is super outdoorsy!

So I took the advice of my friend and reached out to see if Yuri would come on the show to talk about his streaking experience and his other adventures.

Yuri was super cool and down to Earth and honestly not what I expected. I thought he would be kind of a wild child with a large personality but he was very chill and well….normal.

So here’s what you will learn about Yuri Andrade, the Superbowl Streaker, in this interview.

  1. Why he decided to streak during Superbowl LV?
  2. How much money Yuri Andrade REALLY made from streaking during the Superbowl?
  3. How law enforcement really treated him after he was arrested?
  4. What motivates his spirit of adventure?
  5. What are some of his favorite travel destinations?
  6. What Yuri loves about nature and the outdoors?
  7. What awesome idea the Superbowl Streaker has to use his newfound fame for doing some good in the world?

Yuri was such breath of fresh air to have on the show and he was alot of fun.

There’s still one question I didn’t get a chance to ask him but I’m still dying to know. What Hogwarts House would Yuri be sorted into?

Before this interview, I was certain to say the Superbowl Streaker was a Slytherin, but after our chat, I’m thinking Yuri just might be a fellow Gryffindor. Potter fans let me know what you think after you listen.

Listen to Outdoorsy Diva interview Yuri Andrade, the Superbowl Streaker in Episode 44

Comment with your thoughts on the interview below. I hope you’re feeling inspired to add a little bit more adventure to your life, just hopefully not an adventure that will land you in jail.

Follow Yuri on Instagram at @Kingyuri.

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