Cowgirls of Color – Podcast Episode 22

We are kicking off Season 3 this Black History Month, with the dynamic black women rodeo team, the Cowgirls of Color!

cowgirls of color
black women rodeo

Show Notes

Meet KB and Leslie, 2 of the 5 members of the Cowgirls of Color, a black women rodeo team. These ladies have been riding together for more than 4 years and they are breaking boundaries and changing the game in the rodeo circuit.

You may recognize them from print ads in your local Walmart or seen them on national outlets such as Good Morning America.

As women who are moms and professionals in their respective careers, the Cowgirls of Color are showing that it’s never too late to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. They didn’t even start to ride until they were well into their 30s!

In this interview we learn how the ladies came together to form the Cowgirls of Color team and what they love most about this sport.

Leslie and KB also open up about some of the challenges they have faced, from injuries, conquering fears, and overcoming the learning curve.

We talk openly about the racism they have faced in the equestrian community as black women riders and how they are able to overcome the negativity to continue to do what they love.

Keep up with the Cowgirls of Color and their events and appearances on their website:

Follow them on Instagram: @CowgirlsofColor

cowgirls of color
black women rodeo

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cowgirls of color
black women rodeo

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