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Don’t Let Back Pain Diminish Your Wanderlust: A Guide on How to Travel Comfortably

I’m preparing for an epic trip to Ireland and London and I could not be more excited.  I was having a little anxiety about how to stay comfortable for my first long haul flight, especially since my recent accident that affected my back a little. My friends at the Laser Spine Institute agreed to be my special guest to share some great travel tips for staying comfortable during your travels. Read More »


My Kickass European Adventure Itinerary

european adventure

It has been such a busy summer for me and now my kiddo is already back in school! Where did the time go?  If you follow me on social media then you know that I’m gearing up for a trip that is one whole year in the making!  I’m finally ready to give you all a sneak peak into my kick ass European adventure itinerary. This Saturday I’ll fly to Dublin and then on to London. Read More »

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My Christmas Bucketlist of Adventures


Christmas BucketList

I love this time of year. I really do. I love all of the mushy sappy corny Christmas holiday traditions. For today’s #Blogmas entry for Day 2, I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas bucket list of adventures. Some of these I have done, and some I think as a Christmas lover I should experience at least once in my life.  They aren’t really in any particular order, just how they popped into my head. Read More »

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10 Solo Travel Safety Tips Every Woman Needs to Know


There’s a saying that goes “If you wait for someone else to go with you then you’ll never go.” I used to be one of those people. I didn’t want to go to the movies or dinner alone.  I certainly never dreamed I would travel alone or camp in the woods with just me and my son.

Fast forward to now and I have done so many things solo that I never dreamed I would or could do.  I finally took an international trip alone. I’ve ventured to domestic cities alone.  I’ve taken excursions alone when friends didn’t want to come along with me. I’ve gone to Disney World for the day all by my lonesome. I also hike alone frequently and I’ve even gone camping solo. You get the picture…I’ve grown to enjoy the company of me. But every now and then I do come across some horrible story of something happening to someone who was traveling or doing some other activity by themselves. It’s a bit of a gut check because I can’t help but think it could also easily be me.

The question I’m asked most often by others, especially other women is “Am I afraid?”  Well, the simple answer to that is yes. My “mom-tuition” means I automatically worry. However I’ve learned to hone that worry and anxiety into a very simple 2 step plan.  Read More »


Why My First All Inclusive Resort Experience Was A Let Down

Hard Rock Punta Cana

This summer I traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to participate in the nuptials of some very dear friends.  They didn’t have to twist my arm.  It was a country I haven’t been to before and we were staying at the infamous Hard Rock Punta Cana All Inlcusive Resort.  I had heard really good things about the Hard Rock PC so I was excited.  As it turns out, there were some things about the resort that I loved but there were also some things that I wasn’t so fond of. Read More »

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