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8 Ways Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival Failed at Luxury Glamping

glamping westgate

Westgate River Ranch

I discovered glamping about 2 1/2 years ago and became obsessed with glamping as much as possible. I mean how could I not? It appeals to everything that an outdoorsy diva is. Glamping is glamorous camping. It combines the fun parts of camping with all of the modern conveniences and creature comforts that bougie people like me still want while we commune with nature and shit.

It’s become quite the trendy word, especially in the hipster millennial vernacular. Enter the Fyre Festival founded by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland and promoted by the likes of Kendall Jenner and other Instagram influencers. It was touted as this “once in a life time musical experience” in the Bahamas complete with luxury glamping tents (dubbbed geo domes), first class culinary experiences, and a line-up of chart topping artists across all genres. Read More »

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Cayo Costa State Park Solo Camping Adventure

cayo costa state park

I’ve just celebrated another Laurentines Day on the 28th of February! (If you’re new here, that’s the official holiday I created for my birthday.) In fact it was the 11th annual Laurentines Day.  I usually plan a celebration or a trip but this year I just wasn’t in the mood to party and a trip just wasn’t possible so I decided I would embark on a quick getaway and go camping solo! Read More »

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7 Reasons Why You Should Date the Outdoorsy Girl

date the outdoorsy girl

It’s time for another addition of my Patio Chat series where I discuss things that are a little bit more personal. It’s alot more fun when you interact so don’t be shy.  Grab your cup of tea, wine, or whatever you like and join in the discussion with me today.

Now that I’ve been back in to the single world of dating for some months now, I have observed that guys don’t necessarily dig the outdoorsy chick.  When men learn that I’m into kayaking or taking hikes or being outdoors, it’s not often met with much enthusiasm. It’s like they think it somehow lessons my ability to be feminine. That is most certainly not the case. But you know what?  They are missing out.  Outdoorsy, adventurous types like myself are pretty awesome. If you have passed up on the outdoorsy chick here’s a list of reasons to make you reconsider why you should date the outdoorsy girl.  Read More »

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Weeki Wachee River – Best Place to Kayak in Florida

Best Place to kayak in florida

Last month the blog turned 2 years old! What better way to commemorate the occasion than to do something outdoorsy! I decided to return to the best place to kayak in Florida (also my favorite paddle location) for a kayak excursion on the Weeki Wachee River with my Outdoorsy Diva and Friends group. (Not a member of my group yet? You should be! We do fun stuff.) For this event I reserved our group kayak trip with Weeki Wachee Kayaking. I used a different outfitter on previous excursions, but their times tend to be a bit more restrictive and just wouldn’t work for this trip because we wouldn’t be able to get there until the afternoon. A friend referred me to Weeki Wachee Kayaking, which has leased a launch on the river on the property of Weeki Wachee Christian Camp.  (Weeki Wachee Kayaking provided a free kayak rental in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinion of my experience. Full Disclosures.)

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Camping While Black


black family camping

I came across an article about a Sacramento family that had a horrific experience at a campground in Nevada.  According to news reports, they were verbally assaulted with racial slurs and harassed by a group of white campers that did not like their presence there.  Things escalated and it is alleged that one of the white campers threatened the staff of the campground when they tried to intervene.  Allegedly, he then threatened the family, brandishing a shovel!  It sounds like scenes from a movie set in the Jim Crow days right?  Surely something like this wouldn’t occur to a black family camping in 2015.  It can and it did.  You can read about it for yourself: Black Family Victims of Hate Crime.

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