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How I Stayed In a European Castle For Free

stay in a castle chateau rhianfa

Remember my Kickass European Itinerary I shared with you last month?   Well I’m finally settled back into real life and football mom life so it’s time to get back into the groove of sharing my travel stories and tips with you from that amazing adventure. Strap in as I tell you all about how I stayed in a European castle for free. Yes, I said free!!!

I have wanted to stay in a castle since I was a little girl. I’ve always had that girlish fascination with all things princess and fantasy related. Blame it on being a Disney crazed 80s baby. A night in a castle was a bucketlist item I was determined to fulfill while I was visiting Europe.  Read More »


Don’t Let Back Pain Diminish Your Wanderlust: A Guide on How to Travel Comfortably

I’m preparing for an epic trip to Ireland and London and I could not be more excited.  I was having a little anxiety about how to stay comfortable for my first long haul flight, especially since my recent accident that affected my back a little. My friends at the Laser Spine Institute agreed to be my special guest to share some great travel tips for staying comfortable during your travels. Read More »

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Visiting the Azores: I Braved the Oceanic Volcanic Thermal Pool of Ponta da Ferraria

thermal pool ponta da ferraria

Ponta da Ferraria

On my recent solo trip visiting the Azores Islands, I witnessed unfathomable scenes of natural beauty on the island of Sao Miguel.  This is the largest of the 9 Portuguese islands that form the Azores, 900 miles west of mainland Portugal.

During my extensive Pinterest board trip planning, I came across the thermal pool of Ponta da Ferraria.  There is a cove in the ocean heated by the hydrothermal vents beneath the surface. I’ve been in many a hot tub in my life and I’ve visited a natural hot spring, but I can’t say I’ve been in a volcanic hot tub in the ocean.   Yes please! Continue Reading

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Rainforest Hike and Waterfall Adventure in Puerto Rico



I should have titled this post “How to conquer the world in 3 hours!”  Alas that went against my goal to use more SEO friendly blog titles.    Anywho, last month I traveled to Puerto Rico for a destination wedding of a good friend and sorority sister.  I had known about this trip for quite some time, but the planning for Trinidad and the Caribbean cruise had commanded all of my attention in the months prior.   I’ve actually been to Puerto Rico twice before this trip so I was looking forward to returning.   We did all of the usual touristy things on that first trip, the forts, Old San Juan, El Yunque rainforest.  It was awesome but this time around I was determined to find a new adventure in Puerto Rico. Go On…Keep Reading!

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