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Glamping Adventures in a Florida Yurt

Glamping adventures and luxurious camping holidays are so fetch right now!   It’s the way divas like us were meant to experience the great outdoors.

Glamping Yurt Torreya State Park

My first ever glamping adventure trip happened completely by accident.  It was meant to be  another normal camping trip but it wouldn’t be me if it were normal now would it? I wanted to stay in a cabin this time around because my boyfriend wouldn’t be making the trip.  I’ve only been camping once.  Last spring the family roughed it — tent, sleeping bags, braving the elements, bugs, cooking outside; we did all of it.   While we had an amazing time and it was a beautiful setting in nature, it was definitely against all of my inner diva instincts.  Since that trip, I’ve been dying to go camping again and I decided to plan a camping excursion for my son and I before the new school year started.  It would be a great chance for mom and son bonding before he started his next adventure of beginning high school. Who knew finding this yurt would be one of our most epic adventures! I hear you. What the heck is a yurt? Go On…Keep Reading!

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Island Hopping in the Caribbean: St. Kitts


Greetings!   I know you were all waiting and anticipating the next stop on our Island Hopping Caribbean adventure.  My apologies for taking so long to pick this back up.  I had to prepare for a major move to the other side of the county.  I’ve left the comforts of luxury apartment living in über suburbia for a little slice of country life in a nice size house on a ginormous plot of land.  No worries; it’s just down the street from a different suburbia.   Instead of Super Target in my backyard, I have to journey about 20 minutes down the interstate.  It’s been different to say the least and it’s already yielded some new adventures and I can’t wait to share them with you.   We are all moved in and settled now so I’m getting back into my normal routine, which means writing and sharing adventures.    Now without further adieu, on to St. Kitts! Go On…Keep Reading!

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Rainforest Hike and Waterfall Adventure in Puerto Rico



I should have titled this post “How to conquer the world in 3 hours!”  Alas that went against my goal to use more SEO friendly blog titles.    Anywho, last month I traveled to Puerto Rico for a destination wedding of a good friend and sorority sister.  I had known about this trip for quite some time, but the planning for Trinidad and the Caribbean cruise had commanded all of my attention in the months prior.   I’ve actually been to Puerto Rico twice before this trip so I was looking forward to returning.   We did all of the usual touristy things on that first trip, the forts, Old San Juan, El Yunque rainforest.  It was awesome but this time around I was determined to find a new adventure in Puerto Rico. Go On…Keep Reading!

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5 Tips When Taking A Cruise From San Juan Puerto Rico

Carnival Valor

Just 4 days after my epic Trinidad trip, I set sail on a 7 day southern Caribbean Carnival cruise from Puerto Rico with my teenage son and my mom. It wasn’t ideal to have a these trips back to back, but we had to work around my son’s spring break from school. Tough life but someone has to live it, right?

The ship was Carnival Valor and our stateroom was nothing spectacular, just an inside cabin. I was well aware that I shouldn’t try to compare this cruise with my past experiences on Disney CL or Royal Caribbean.   The selling point for this cruise is all about the awesome itinerary! In just 7 days we explored Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten.  I couldn’t possibly try to cover the entire cruise in just one post. Each port of call deserves its own post for sure. Be sure to read the posts for the individual ports of call to get the scoop on my experience at each destination. However I’ve amassed these 5 tips when taking a cruise from San Juan Puerto Rico to the other beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Read More »

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