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Top 10 Florida State Fair Food Favorites To Die For

For as long as I’ve lived in Tampa,Florida, the start of February has signaled the arrival of the Florida State Fair. I looked forward to the annual Fair Day out of school to go and ride ridiculously crazy rides until I puked and play the midway games.   I also loved stuffing my face with deep fried goodness and other fair food favorites.

And then I got old and my love affair ended. Even as a mom I only recall taking my own son a few times to the fair over the years. He always had a friend he could go with so I was off the hook.

But this year I was hosted by the Florida State Fair and my long lost love affair with the brightly colored midway, meat on a stick, and deep fried everything was rekindled. It was like meeting up with an old long lost friend. Read More »

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America Loves Bacon Review – Tampa

Last week the much anticipated America Loves Bacon tour made a stop here in Tampa.  I’ve been salivating over the promotional pics for weeks and weeks.  When I got word that I could come and blog about it I jumped at the chance!   My teen son and I had bacon fever.

We came hungry! We arrived right when the gates opened because I planned to leave no stone unturned, no bacon unsampled, no swine uneaten. (I’m aware those aren’t words, just go with it.)

My first reaction to entering the fair grounds was, wow it’s pretty small.  There were a few food trucks, the Datz and Dough stand, and the Madison Chocolatiers West stand.   There was space for a couple of other stands but they were vacant.   A bit further there were covered stands for the 4 different areas: Hog on a Stick, Swiny Sweets, Grill It Up, and Butcher’s Block.  The main covered pavilion had beer and drinks, seating, and the cooking demonstration area.  There was also a small kid’s zone.

First, let’s talk about what was awesome!

Datz/Dough brought their A game.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Tampa and they are known to incorporate bacon in their dishes.  They even serve a platter of bacon as an appetizer.  Think of them as the Floyd Mayweathers of baconology.  It’s really just not even fair to the competition.

20150411_165525701_iOS Read More »

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Foodie Friday – A Foodie Adventure at Edison: food + drink lab

Edison Foodie Friday

It’s a Foodie Friday Adventure!  Hooray! I decided that I would embark on a culinary bucket list adventure, visiting the top rated local restaurants in the Tampa Bay area.  I’m using the Top 50 Restaurants in Tampa Bay as scored by Laura Reiley of the Tampa Bay Times as my road map.  This week’s Foodie Adventure takes us to Edison: food+drink lab, rated number 3 on the list. Read More »

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