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Black History Month: Breaking Boundaries in Outdoor Sports


black history month


It’s February and it’s my favorite month of the year for a couple of reasons.  1.  It’s the month of Laurentine’s Day (the official holiday of my birthday) 2.  It’s the month of love and I’m a sap.  3. It’s the month set aside in America as Black History month to recognize, acknowledge, and educate everyone on the contributions and achievements of people of African descent.   So it’s only fitting that this week’s post I take a little time to spotlight Black History in the realm of Outdoor Sports!    I must say, my research has been both enlightening and inspiring. Continue Reading…!

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Florida Family Vacation Destinations For Every Budget and Travel Style

black kids swim

My son snorkeling at Devil’s Den

Some of my favorite memories with my son are Spring Break  and summer vacation trips.  I’m coming to grips with the fact that soon he will be a college kid, making his own plans and trips for Spring Break, centered around hot girls and parties. The very thought makes me need a glass of wine.

I think I’ve done pretty good for a single parent with limited resources on making sure we have always managed to have some fun, even if I couldn’t take off from work for his entire break.   Spring Break dates for elementary, middle, and high school usually ranges from March to April  so it’s time to solidify those Florida family vacation plans toward the end of the year.  I usually start to plan our summer getaway around February.

Whether you plan way in advance or are a last minute kind of planner, I have some great Florida family vacation destination for every budget and travel style.  I’m happy to share with you some of my family’s favorite trips and I’m sure you will find an idea that fits your interests and your wallet. Continue Reading…!

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