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Family Travel Adventure: Wiping Out At the Kalahari Waterpark Resort, Sandusky


Ride Wives in Winter

Waterparks are a definite summertime privilege that we all look forward to.  However, Florida waterparks in the summer also come with the perils of scorching hot pavement when you come out of the water, bugs that like to fly around and ruin the fun, and those pesky summer storms that roll in just about everyday with their ominous clouds and thunder and lightning that forces you out of the water to seek shelter.  It’s a real struggle bus sometimes.  But what if I told you there was a glorious place where you can enjoy the waterpark rain or shine, cold or hot, and there are no wasps, ants, or mosquitos around to harass you . Where is this mermaid mecca?  It’s the massive indoor waterpark at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, the largest indoor waterpark in America!  Read More »

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Visiting the Azores: I Braved the Oceanic Volcanic Thermal Pool of Ponta da Ferraria

thermal pool ponta da ferraria

Ponta da Ferraria

On my recent solo trip visiting the Azores Islands, I witnessed unfathomable scenes of natural beauty on the island of Sao Miguel.  This is the largest of the 9 Portuguese islands that form the Azores, 900 miles west of mainland Portugal.

During my extensive Pinterest board trip planning, I came across the thermal pool of Ponta da Ferraria.  There is a cove in the ocean heated by the hydrothermal vents beneath the surface. I’ve been in many a hot tub in my life and I’ve visited a natural hot spring, but I can’t say I’ve been in a volcanic hot tub in the ocean.   Yes please! Continue Reading

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New Downtown Tampa Riverwalk Outdoor Activity

Tampa Bay Water Bikes

Move over canoes, kayaks, and SUPs and make room for water bikes!

I dont’ know about you, but as a Tampa Bay resident it’s exciting to see downtown Tampa finally take advantage of its supreme waterfront location.  There are tons of new parks and cool places to eat, museums, and now it seems like there is always a festival of some sort happening at Curtis Hixon on the weekends. Well get excited because there’s a new watersport in Tampa Bay and they’ve set up shop right on the downtown Tampa Riverwalk.   The Tampa Bay Water Bike Company has come to town.  I was lucky enough to try it out over the weekend with my teenage son and our new dog. Continue Reading…

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Discovering Outdoor Adventure in North Florida

Florida Springs Marianna

On our recent “glamping” trip at Torreya State Park in the North Florida pan handle, my 14-year-old son and I had a fabulous time staying in a yurt in the campgrounds! See the glamping post about staying in a yurt if you don’t know what a yurt is. Sleeping in a yurt was the basis for the whole trip, however it was only to serve as home base while we searched for outdoor adventure in North Florida. Continue Reading…!

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