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Top 10 Florida State Fair Food Favorites To Die For

For as long as I’ve lived in Tampa,Florida, the start of February has signaled the arrival of the Florida State Fair. I looked forward to the annual Fair Day out of school to go and ride ridiculously crazy rides until I puked and play the midway games.   I also loved stuffing my face with deep fried goodness and other fair food favorites.

And then I got old and my love affair ended. Even as a mom I only recall taking my own son a few times to the fair over the years. He always had a friend he could go with so I was off the hook.

But this year I was hosted by the Florida State Fair and my long lost love affair with the brightly colored midway, meat on a stick, and deep fried everything was rekindled. It was like meeting up with an old long lost friend. Read More »

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Foodie Friday: Piquant Hyde Park



One of the things I love most about travel is trying new foods.   I don’t get a chance to jet set internationally as much as I would like but I find that trying cuisine from another country can quench part of that urge.  Today’s Foodie Friday adventure takes us to France! I had the pleasure of dinner at South Tampa’s Piquant Hyde Park.  I had my first taste of Piquant at the Hyde Park Blogger Stroll where I fell in love with their croissant doughnuts. I was really looking forward to the full dining experience of French inspired food. Read More »

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Hyde Park Village in Tampa Bay: Revisiting a Forgotten Fun Spot


I recently got the opportunity to rediscover one of Tampa’s little jewels. I had a chance to go to an outting with my Tampa Bay Bloggers family to the Hyde Park Village blogger stroll.  Hyde Park Village is in South Tampa.  It’s cutesy, with restaurants, shops, and condos and an eat in movie theater.   For me it’s one of those forgotten gems of Tampa.   If you live near the area or are big on the South Tampa social scene then I’m sure it’s a place you frequent.  Living in suburbia for so long I honestly just forgot about it.  I didn’t even know what storefronts were still there. My circle of friends never mention visiting there.  Clearly we have been missing out on a great bougie destination.   Read More »

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