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Five Tips to Make Time For Adventure


Adventure is everywhere.  Yet, in today’s society we tend to get wrapped up in our  daily whirlwind lives and these moments and chances for a new experience just pass us by.   A question I’m asked all the time is how on earth do you have time to travel and go see all of these places that you share on Facebook and Instagram? Here are 5 tips to make time for adventure. Continue Reading…

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Discovering Outdoor Adventure in North Florida

Florida Springs Marianna

On our recent “glamping” trip at Torreya State Park in the North Florida pan handle, my 14-year-old son and I had a fabulous time staying in a yurt in the campgrounds! See the glamping post about staying in a yurt if you don’t know what a yurt is. Sleeping in a yurt was the basis for the whole trip, however it was only to serve as home base while we searched for outdoor adventure in North Florida. Continue Reading…!

Domestic,Family Fun,Family Travel,Florida,Glamping & Camping,Great Outdoors,Parks,Tips for Family Adventures,Travel,Water Adventures

Glamping Adventures in a Florida Yurt

Glamping adventures and luxurious camping holidays are so fetch right now!   It’s the way divas like us were meant to experience the great outdoors.

Glamping Yurt Torreya State Park

My first ever glamping adventure trip happened completely by accident.  It was meant to be  another normal camping trip but it wouldn’t be me if it were normal now would it? I wanted to stay in a cabin this time around because my boyfriend wouldn’t be making the trip.  I’ve only been camping once.  Last spring the family roughed it — tent, sleeping bags, braving the elements, bugs, cooking outside; we did all of it.   While we had an amazing time and it was a beautiful setting in nature, it was definitely against all of my inner diva instincts.  Since that trip, I’ve been dying to go camping again and I decided to plan a camping excursion for my son and I before the new school year started.  It would be a great chance for mom and son bonding before he started his next adventure of beginning high school. Who knew finding this yurt would be one of our most epic adventures! I hear you. What the heck is a yurt? Go On…Keep Reading!

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Top 10 Ways to Have a Sensational Summer Staycation

Summer vacation is almost over!   It seemed to go by so fast but we certainly made the most of it.  One of the best adventures of our summer were spent right here in our own backyard.   Not literally, but just across the bridge.   My teenage son and I were lucky enough to be included in the TradeWinds Resort blogger family event courtesy of Tampa Bay Bloggers and TradeWinds Island Grand Resort, St. Pete Beach.  This resort has all the elements to proivde the best staycation in Florida. Continue Reading…!

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