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A Clapback to the Travel Shamers Upset About Obama’s Vacations

obamas vacation

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Former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have been living the jetsetter life since they chucked the deuces to the White House in January. They are out here LIVING y’all.

But apparently the Obama’s vacation joy is just too much for the conservative media to handle. This week Fox News has graced us with quite possibly one of the saltiest articles they have ever published on the 44th POTUS, Barack Obama.

It’s no secret that they hate his guts and even after he has been out of the office for 5 months they have still found something else to be petty and complain about.

Personally, I have loved seeing the former First Family do it for the ‘Gram and add even more fuel to this amazing black travel movement that has taken social media by storm.

The Obama’s vacation photos are showing our people that there’s more ways to use your hard earned vacation days  than attending your annual family reunion cookout.

No shade to family reunions, I just want us to embrace more, whether it’s road trips to national parks or saving up for more exotic locations.

I especially loved seeing former President Obama getting his outdoorsy on! The man was kite surfing y’all! He was kite surfing in the Caribbean with Sir Richard Branson! I was so here for it.



That’s actually an activity I haven’t tried yet myself because the way my core (or lack thereof) is set up I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work out for the kid. I can probably talk my son into trying it though and that will be good enough for me.


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And just when it couldn’t get any better, there are pics of their amazing time in Bali and the whole family is whitewater rafting!

Y’all better work with your outdoorsy brown selves. Do it for the culture!

Show the people that we can do anything. This is what black family travel goals are made of.


Obama's Vacation

Obama’s Vacation Whitewater Rafting in Bali   Photo Credit: Getty Images


My life’s work has started to evolve into breaking down stereotypes about what type of travel and experiences are only deemed acceptable or the norm for certain people.

I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking at all and I’m so glad to see the Obamas sending that same message.

Of course the Obamas are 100% unbothered by these outlandish haterific articles criticizing how they are choosing to spend their time and money as private citizens.

They are also far too classy to ever publicly clapback, even when it’s deserved.

Luckily, I’m not that classy. I’m boughetto and I have a master’s degree from the school of clapback with a concentration in petty.  So I’ll take this one on their behalf.

Y’all keep balling out Obamas. I got ya covered!



Dear Mr. Christoper Wallace, quite possibly one of the saltiest individuals on the planet and author of this useless article on Fox News:

Newsflash. It’s none of your got damn business how the Obama family chooses to spend their vacation time or money.

Get you some business!

The criticisms levied in this article from these supposed Democratic haters he sought out is so outright ludicrous that it’s laughable.

One quote says, “Obama has a right to do whatever he wants,” Patrick Caddell said. “But these trips really are a little bit rich.”


Oh really??? A bit rich for whom? A bit rich for you ?

You do know that Mr. and Mrs Obama are both ivy league graduates with speaking engagements and book deals out the ying yang right Pat?

Also it’s worth noting that for the most part the rest of the world happens to love the Obama family. For all we know he could be getting some major hookups.

That’s what happens when people like you and you don’t spend your time starting Twitter beefs and vying for title of the world’s biggest douche canoe, unlike someone else who shall remain nameless on this site.

Patrick Caddell is the Democratic strategist for former President Carter in case you were wondering. That’s before my time so I had no clue who he was nor why he felt he was such an authority on the matter.


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“Did it occur to you that just maybe you might be being a bit judgemental and speaking out of turn?”


Well as it turns out you’re not really an authority on what anyone else chooses to do with their private lives Mr. Caddell.

Let me be clear when I say that shutting up is free. You should try it some time.

Sir, when Fox News reached out to you for comment on this did you stop and ponder for even a second that maybe, just maybe you should say no comment? I mean a little party loyalty wouldn’t kill you just this once.

Why would you add fuel to this eternally burning “we hate Obama torch” Fox and friends is carrying? Did it occur to you that just maybe you might be being a bit judgemental and speaking out of turn?

Of course you didn’t because middle-aged white men rarely use a filter when it comes to the opportunity to offer criticism, especially criticism of a successful and powerful black man.

(Get out of your feelings and out of my comments if that stung. If it did then perhaps you have some work to do on yourself. Just calling it like I’ve seen it my whole life.)


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“Millennials and Xennials in general are harshly judged about our financial choices by the older generations.”


People like Wallace and Caddell aren’t anomalies. The same critiques about the costs and seemingly lavish destinations of the Obama’s vacation choices is the same type of criticism and scrutiny I have personally received regarding my own travels.

“Europe? How can you afford that ?”

“You’re taking another trip? Didn’t you just come back from a vacation last month?”

“Do you really think it’s safe to travel over there right now?”

“Shouldn’t you be saving to buy a house instead of all of this jetsetting?”

And the most annoying backhanded comment of them all….

“Must be nice….”



I know that many other fellow black travelers have heard a lot of these same criticisms, though  I’m sure it probably isn’t limited just to black people.

Millennials and Xennials in general are harshly judged about our financial choices by the older generations.

However, I’ve gotten much scrutiny from fellow generational peers who are white but baffled by my audacity to use my vacation days and my salary however the hell I want.

I’ve been to places and gotten the 3rd degree treatment about why I’m visiting this place and how I heard about it as if I’ve invaded some secret club by bringing my black ass to a national park or state park not many people talk about.

What really just put me in my coffin with the Fox article was the comparison of what the Bush’s did after they left office in comparison to the Obamas.

Former President George W. Bush spent the next year writing a book from his ranch in Crawford, Texas and his family vacationed in Kennebunkport, Maine and at the ranch in Crawford.


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“Next time you want to open your mouth to criticize a trip you didn’t pay for, punch yourself in the face and don’t.”


Just because W and his family chose to unwind with the adventurous capacity of a turtle means nothing.

You know what the rest of the country was doing that first year he was chilling on his ranch writing a book? We were reeling from the biggest financial crisis my generation had ever seen.

I don’t give 2 squirrel nuts about what any POTUS does after their time in office. What matters is what the hell they did while they were the President.

George W. freaking Bush is the last person on earth to try to hold up as setting the bar for what a president should do.

Have a stadium of seats with this reach.



For those of you guilty of vacation shaming former President Obama or other people who seek out adventurous experiences, indulge in luxury, or frankly just do life better than you and look better doing it, nobody gives a shit what you think or how you feel.

Next time you want to open your mouth to criticize a trip you didn’t pay for, punch yourself in the face and don’t.

From me and all of my fellow world traveling experience seekers:




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  • Reply
    Chanel | Cultural Xplorer
    June 30, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Excellent article! I hate when people have comments to say about the way others choose to live their life, especially when it comes to travel. Can we just let the Obamas live?

  • Reply
    Mimi Green
    July 1, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Let me pass around the collection plate because that was a read. If Obama was white none of this would be up for discussion. The best way to tell the world to kiss your ass is to simply live your life on your own terms. I am here for their vacations. I’m loving the pictures of them stylishly unbothered by it all.

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