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Foodie Adventures: 3D Disney’s Dessert Discovery

3D Disney Dessert Discovery – Epcot Food and Wine Festival is a foodie adventure of sweets and spirits and the perfect event to show your adult Disney side.

It’s one of my favorite times of year!  It’s Epcot International Food and Wine time.  This is like Foodie Christmas.  Most people know all about sampling the various foods from around the world.  However many overlook the other events that make this festival even more of an adventure.  One of those awesome events is the 3D Disney Dessert Discovery event.

(This was not a sponsored post.  No compensation of any kind was given by Disney to promote this event.  All views and opinions are my own.  I’m just an annual passholder who likes to eat!)
3d disney dessert discovery Epcot - Disney for Grown ups


It’s only offered on three select nights throughout the festival.  It’s priced at $55 which I know can be a hefty cost for those who have already paid for admission to the park.  However, if you’re an annual passholder (like me :-)), this is well worth the ticket price!   It’s as if you’ve entered a real life Candy Land where everything around you is a sweet edible treat or an irresistible adult concoction and it’s all you can eat. and drink.   I couldn’t possibly run down everything offered there, but after going 2 years in a row I think I’ve gotten  a pretty good game plan to get the most bang for your buck!3d disney dessert discovery Epcot Food and Wine 2014 Disney


Outdoorsy Diva’s Sweet Picks

Signature Doughnuts – They flambe cinnamon and sugar-coated doughnuts with Fireball Whiskey right there in front of you.  Then you add coffee ice cream and your choice of chocolate or caramel sauce on top of this warm boozy fried dough of goodness.   Lastly, you top it with whipped cream, toasted almonds, and the obligatory cherry on top.   And….you’re welcome.  Party in your mouth!!   *There is a choice of vanilla ice cream but that’s pretty lame IMO.  Coffee goes with doughnuts right?!

Disney Epcot 3D Dessert Discovery Flambeed Doughnuts Fireball Whiskey

Bites of Cake – It’s basically a buffet of tiny cakes, bars, and cupcakes.   Last year I wasn’t that impressed with the cake, but this year they brought it!  My favorite was the chocolate ganache bar with candied bacon crumbles.   Yumtastic!  They also offered spice jars with a vegan apple butter cake.  I wasn’t a fan but I did try it.

Cheese, Fruits, and Berries – Assortment of cheeses imported from Ireland, and fresh fruits.   I wish I knew the specific types of cheeses but they weren’t listed.   I tried one of the cheeses paired with dried apricot and it was quite a nice combination.   This is a good station if you are having sugar overload.  Charcuterie – A wide assortment of meats, sausages, and seafood are offered as well as pita bread and rolls.   If you are picky about the types of meat you will eat then skip this table.   You won’t be able to distinguish what’s what and they arent’ clearly labeled.

Teeny Weeenie Hot Dog Cart – It looks like a hotdog cart on a New York City corner, but surprise….it’s icecream!  It’s super cute.  All of the condiments are sweet.   It’s worth the experience but visit this one later if you aren’t too full.


This year’s drink selection had a few different offerings than last year.   The only thing that wasn’t offered that was sorely disappointing  to me was the Canadian Ice Wine.   I was really looking forward to more of that this year.

However, they made up for it when the Sauza Tequila folks made an Elderflower Margarita!!   Elderflower liqueur is my absolute favorite.  You don’t understand….I’m obsessed.   If I look at a cocktail menu and I see Saint Germain (my favorite brand) or anything that says elderflower, then that’s what I’m ordering. Period.   I’m seeing more and more cocktails dedicated to celebrating this amazing liqueur that is made from the elderflowers of the French Alps.  This margarita was absolutely to die for.   Winning!

3d disney dessert discovery Epcot - Elderflower Margarita

There was a wide array of wines, many more reds than I remember from last year.  There was also MARTINI Rose, Asti, and Prosecco.   I like to get a glass of Prosecco and then add a few berries from the berry table to spice it up a bit.   Several different whiskeys were offered again this year as well as an array of flavored whiskey.   Jim Beam, Red Stag, and Knob Creek all had flavored offerings.

The other notable drink for me this year was a mint chocolate liqueur from JDK&SONS.   This was like drinking a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie with just the mildest  hint of a buzz.   It was very very tasty!   I’m on the hunt to purchase this one and add it to the arsenal.

Outdoorsy Diva’s Tips for a Sweet Adventure

  1. Prepare your body!   Eat lots of greens and low carbs during the week to lesson the blow of the massive amounts of calories you will intake.  Drink lots and lots of water in the days leading up to the event, especially the day before and earlier in the day.   The amount of adult beverages makes this ticket worth the price of admission in my opinion.
  2. You should purchase your ticket in advance.  I suggest getting it no later than a week prior.   During the week leading up to the event it will sell it and you will be left out in the cold.
  3. You have 2 hours of unlimited drinks at your disposable.  Finalize your plans ahead of time so that you can partake RESPONSIBLY!   This is a great event to invite that one friend in the group who doesn’t drink (we all have one) and is the usual default DD (designated driver).  If the rest of your friends are lushes just like you then it’s worth it to finalize your arrangement for staying nearby in advance.   Stay on property or nearby.  Most of the hotels offer shuttle service to WDW.   This is your best bet to drink responsibly.
  4. Get there on time.  The event is only from 8 to 10 and you don’t want to lose any valuable time where you could be stuffing your face right?  There is a check in process so give yourself ample time.
  5. There isn’t a set dress code for the event, but for my ladies I suggest a comfy dress or something stretchy.  Whatever you wear you want it to give way so that you won’t feel constricted or inhibited.   Maxi dresses are perfect for this sort of event.   Cute flats or sandals will do just fine.  Honestly it’s just not worth the hassle of walking through the theme park in heels (unless that’s just your thing).   Also there are limited tables and chairs available and you will have lines so you will need to be prepared to be comfortable.
  6. About those chairs I mentioned…there seemed to be more seating this year than last.  However people bum rush the first set of tables that you see as soon as you enter the room.   If those are full don’t fret…there is another section in the middle of the room and even more on the far side of the room.     While you can’t see the band performing, at least you can gorge yourself comfortably and you are closer to the stations that many overlook.
  7. Don’t leave the event early.  Part of the price of your ticket includes VIP seating to view the Illuminations fireworks show as well as 3D glasses that make viewing the fireworks something pretty magical!   SPOILER: The glasses make Mickey’s appear wherever you see light!  It’s a very cool effect.
  8. Eat Up!  Don’t be shy.  Have seconds or even thirds!  There’s no judgement at that event.  Everyone there is just as big of a foodie as you are.

These types of events are a great way to try new things you wouldn’t ordinarily order.  I hope you take full advantage.  Food should be an adventure!

Please comment and tell me which of these sounds most tasty to you!  Have you attended any other Epcot Food and Wine events outside of tasting around the world?  Please share in the comments as well.


“Food is just another vehicle of world exploration.” 

Lauren Gay, Outdoorsy Diva

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  • Reply
    October 9, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    I think the Elderflower Margarita would have been drink of the night

    • Reply
      October 10, 2014 at 6:24 am

      NikkyJ I confess! I had more than 1. LOL

  • Reply
    October 10, 2014 at 6:09 am

    So cool! We went this year and it was such a great experience. Friends, Food and drinks in a beautiful setting. What more can you ask for! By the way, my favorite was the lamb chops from Australia. So good.

    • Reply
      October 10, 2014 at 6:23 am

      Xiomeeks I loved the lamb chops too. Scotland won me over with the seared scallop and creamed spinach with bacon!! So good.

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